15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care - Progressing Palliative Care.
EAPC Research Network - 2016
Karta Praska (The Prague Charter)

Karta Praska (The Prague Charter)

Dlaczego jest to ważne

Prawo do opieki paliatywnej
 Dostęp do opieki paliatywnej stanowi prawny obowiązek, potwierdzony przez konwencję Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych (ONZ), i jest traktowany, jako prawo człowieka przez międzynarodowe stowarzyszenia, w oparciu o najwyższe standardy zdrowia fizycznego i psychicznego. W przypadkach, kiedy pacjenci cierpią z powodu silnego bólu, rządy, które nie zapewniają właściwego dostępu pacjentom i rodzinom do opieki paliatywnej, również przyczyniają się do nieludzkiego traktowania chorych i niewłaściwego leczenia. Opieka paliatywna skutecznie zmniejsza, a także zapobiega cierpieniu i może być zorganizowana przy użyciu niskich kosztów.
Wciąż jeszcze rządy wielu państw na świecie nie podjęły właściwych działań w celu zapewnienia pacjentom z nieuleczalnymi chorobami, prawa dostępu do opieki paliatywnej.
Definicja opieki paliatywnej
Wg Światowej Organizacji Zdrowia (World Health Organization – WHO) opieka paliatywna ma na celu poprawę, jakości życia chorych i rodzin, którzy zmagają się z problemami związanymi z chorobami zagrażającymi życiu, poprzez zapobieganie i ulgę w cierpieniu, dzięki wczesnemu rozpoznaniu, dokładnej ocenie i właściwemu leczeniu bólu oraz innych objawów fizycznych, a także problemów psychosocjalnych i duchowych.
Opieka paliatywna ma charakter interdyscyplinarny i obejmuje pacjenta, rodzinę i środowisko. W pewnym sensie, opieka paliatywna stanowi najbardziej podstawową formę opieki, która zaspokaja indywidualne potrzeby pacjenta, gdziekolwiek jest leczony – w domu lub w szpitalu.
Opieka paliatywna afirmuje życie i traktuje umieranie, jako normalny proces; nie przyspiesza śmierci, ani nie przedłuża umierania. Głównym założeniem jest zachowanie możliwie najwyższej, jakości życia aż do śmierci.

Czytaj całość
European Association for Palliative Care

Dear representative of the EAPC collective members association,


Dear Ass. PTMP,

We are delighted to announce the start of a new EAPC blog that aims to foster two-way communication with our members and the wider palliative care community. Every few days we’ll be posting ‘bite size’ information to encourage debate and discussion.

During the coming months you can expect to see: updates from EAPC Task Forces and special projects, upcoming congresses; comment from EAPC Board members and, most importantly, news and comment from local, national and regional palliative care associations.

There will be a strong focus on European perspectives of palliative care balanced with contributions from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia so that we can truly explore and share different cultures and different models of care.

So please visit our blog and respond with your views on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

Tell your colleagues, tell your friends, and write about the exciting palliative care developments in your area.

EAPC social media activities are led by the University of Bonn, the University of Lancaster and EAPC head office.

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European Association for Palliative Care

The EAPC starts a survey on palliative care information needs in Central / Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
You have the chance to improve access to palliative care information
To ensure equal access to palliative care information in all European countries, the EAPC currently undertakes a project on sharing palliative care information. Access to information such as medical journals and educational opportunities is regarded as essential for health care professionals providing palliative care. In many countries access to comprehensive palliative care information is difficult. Access to up-to-date information and communication with leading European clinics and colleagues are restricted due to financial problems and language barriers. The results of the survey will allow for a targeted planning of the information provision, educational opportunities and dissemination strategies to support further palliative care development in CEE and CIS.
Your contribution is essential
To ensure that new information resources will match the needs of the users, we would like to learn more about your information needs. Your contribution to this survey is very important for a better understanding of the information needs of health care professionals working in palliative care in your country, as well as to learn more about potential barriers to access relevant information. We therefore kindly ask you to answer a short set of questions. The completion of this survey will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes.

Available in 15 languages!
The questionnaire is available in 15 languages: Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, Hungarian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian.
How to access the online questionnaire
You can access the Polish online questionnaire via the following link:

We kindly invite you to share this information and the survey link with your colleagues as well.
Please note: Sometimes there may be problems in accessing the questionnaire with a click on this link – in this case we recommend copying the link directly in the address bar of your browser and pressing the “Enter” key in order to access the online survey.
In addition to the online survey there will of course still be the opportunity to complete the paper and pencil version for those health care professionals who prefer to answer our questions this way.

Thank you!
We would like to thank you very much in advance for completing the online questionnaire and for your contribution to the survey.
More information?
For more information / if you prefer to complete the paper and pencil version of the questionnaire, please contact Jasper Klose (jklose@uni-bonn.de) or Saskia Jünger (saskia.juenger@ukb.uni-bonn.de).

European Association for Palliative Care

Dear representative of the EAPC collective members association,


As you probably know the 7th World Research Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care will be held in Trondheim, Norway 7-9 June 2012.


Like in the previous Forum and Congresses of the EAPC “all” members  of your association can benefit of  the reduced registration fee for members, but for getting this reduction your members have to be registered freely in the EAPC database online at: http://www.eapcnet.eu   


As in previous EAPC events a Market Place will be organised to give the possibility to our collective members to have a booth in the exhibition area. Please let us know as soon as possible if your association is interested in taking part of it. We will inform you about the special condition EAPC will offer for the participation.


It would be most supportive if your association would help us in promoting the congress as follows:


·         Place an announcement of the congress on your web site with a link to the web of the congress http://www.eapcnet.eu/research2012 and/or edit the banner you find attached.


·         Include an advertisement or information in the journal or newsletter of your association.


·         Show the enclosed slide promoting the congress in your meetings.


Many thanks for your help.


We are looking forward to welcome you in Trondheim next year!

Amelia Giordano


Polecamy stronę dotyczącą opieki paliatywnej dla osób starszych

Polecamy stronę dotyczącą opieki paliatywnej dla osób starszych
(new WHO booklet - Palliative Care for Older People: Better practices.)

European Association for Palliative Care

This e-mail is originated from an unmonitored mailbox. Please do not reply to it.

Dear PTMP,

Just a few more days to go and the biggest and most visited meeting in the European world of Palliative Care will be taking place in Lisbon, Portugal: The 12th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care.

After many months of hard work the Scientific Committee is happy to announce that the final scientific programme is now available on the congress website click here to download it.

Don't miss a session and design your own programme. You are provided with the possibility to design your individual congress programme by importing all the sessions you would like to attend in your Outlook-calendar, click here.

We are also happy to already draw you attention to the collected abstracts which will be presented orally or by poster during the congress days. The printed abstract book will of course be included in the congress bag, but if you cannot participate you can nevertheless already download it by clicking here.

Kindest regards,

Amelia, Farina and Heidi
The EAPC Headoffice

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